100 Centennial

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Our 100 year Centennial on October 12, 1975 was a lot of fun. Some of us dressed as our earliest members did in 1875. You can see bonnets and string ties, along with beautiful flowing skirts. I can just visualize the original members rushing to our little white frame church, trying to get seated before the last bell rang in our bell tower.

In the picture above, please note Annie Lee Godley (seated on left). On May 6, 1960 she alone signed the bank loan for our first organ. Directly behind her in a green dress is Abbey Mae Heath, our Church Historian for many years. The handsome couple to the right is Godfrey and Mavis Mills. Just to their left is Thelma E Hardee, her five sons and their families attended Salem. I think Donna Mayo, Thelma Porter and Jackie Wall are next. Next that maybe Lois Edwards and Linda Jo Smith. If you know others, let me know.

May 5th, 2019, we will celebrate our 144 year anniversary, with a Spring Homecoming. Our Sunday School will start at 9:15 and Church Service at 10:00 followed by a covered dish lunch. Immediately after lunch will be singing as we thank God for blessing our Church for 144 years. You may dress in period dress and experience this 144 years of history. Join us on May 5th, 2019.