The Salem UMC Classifieds

This is intended to be a place where Salem UMC Family and Friends can help one another out or if cash changes hands share a little or all with the good cause of your choice.

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Free Stuff or Services to give away to bless and help your neighbor
100% $ goes to a good cause associated with the Church.
For Sale Items (Seller is paid and may tithe 10% to church)
For when you need skilled or unskilled work for pay and want to look first to Church family or friends in that service business.

Submit your classified ad, by email (for copy and paste, ready for posting) to Be sure your ad includes your contact information and any needed details for you and the reader to be able to be in touch with one another without any additional interactions of office staff. You may include a photo or two. Free Stuff: There is no cost in placing your ad for anything you want to give away or services you want to offer to do free for someone and we encourage you to list free stuff.

Tithe on Sale? We are not charging for adds for sales or for hired services but we are suggesting that tithing any profits gained from placing these adds may be a biblical gesture of faith. (Example: you offer to sell your living room set you replaced for $250 then the following Sunday add and extra $25 to your normal tithes offering. If you put in an add for pressure washing a house and another church member or friend saw the add, contacts you from it, pays you $100 to do it. A tithe of that would be $10. ) No one is going to monitor or ask you about this, you don’t have to document anything for our sake. This is just a thought to consider if God would have you pay attention to tithing off proceeds gained though this classified church family site.

Give money to good causes? Another option you have is to note as part of your ad: All Proceeds from the sale of this item will go to: Oasis, or Missions Committee, or any of our official church groups or outreach ministries. In that case include in your ad: Check to be made out to Salem UMC and note it to the specific church group or cause that you are directing it to. So that example of a $250 living room set you simply say: Make check out to SUMC note Food Pantry. The hand that check to the seller who can drop it in the offering plate next Sunday.

ps For those placing adds and those looking at ads and wanting more information, please work directly with each other and do not ask church staff to be involved in any part of the interaction except that Diane will be copy and pasting or deleting your adds as you request or after a time we will determine etc. We of course my choose not to post an ad, or to delete any ad at any time. Salem UMC is only posting the communications between people and in no way endorsing or claiming any knowledge about any particular items or services being offered.